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The local dating scene is about to explode thanks to our new dating website. Would you like to experience online dating that keeps you grounded in your city? You will love learning about this site.

When you do grab hold of your perfect local single, have you decided where to go on your first date? If you could use some inspiration, we are here to help. There’s a section below covering all the great dating spots in Wellington, and another section focusing exclusively on the most romantic restaurants! Proceed confidently and have fun dating locally in Wellington!

There are so many suitable places for dating in Wellington, that you’re only limited by your imagination. In fact, you should keep in mind that’s a fundamental rule of dating, as well. So be creative and do your best to create a memorable date!

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A good place to start any Wellington date is by heading out to Lyall Bay beach, Some’s Island or Island Bay. We recommend meeting your date towards the end of the afternoon so you can watch the sunset peacefully while getting to know one another. If you don’t feel like going all the way out there or if the sun is almost down, just walk along the waterfront and check out St. John’s bar or grab a waffle from the hole in the wall waffle shop, to serve as an appetizer.

When you go out dating on a Friday night, the best place to get started is Friday night market, where all the local musicians gather to celebrate the evening. There are lots of street food cars all over the place, which could make for an alternative dinner option if you and your date find yourselves enjoying the soundscapes. While you’re making an appetite, you can pick up a bottle of wine and two plastic cups over at New World and just walk around enjoying the lively nightscape of Wellington.

You might want to head out the Circa Theatre to see what’s on, or otherwise check the local bars for special events – such as the legendary Wednesday Jazz nights over at the Meow, or Sunday rock’n’roll free dance tutoring over at the Southern cross. Have you heard about Adventure Wellington and their unique events? Sometimes you’ll find something really interesting going on if you just roam around freely in Wellington with an open mind!

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One of the best kept secrets for an intimate romantic dinner is a cosy place called Arthur’s, to be found at Cuba Street. When you’re done with the main course, ditch the desert and proceed to a place called Kaffee Eis which is located over at Courtenay Place, to get some of their famous gelato.

When it’s time to go grab some drinks to kick-start the evening, check out CGR Merchant also on Courtenay Place, a great neighbourhood which in our opinion is the features some of the best restaurants and bars in Wellington.

As the evening lingers, we suggest you and your date heat out to a really fun cocktail place called Hawthorne Lounge, which is known if its kingly leather couches and open fireplace with marshmallow sticks. What a perfect way to finish an evening… or maybe to get it started!

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As you can see, there are many good reasons to start dating as soon as possible, if you’re a Wellington native. How else can you fully enjoy the tips pointed out in this article?

Sure enough, you probably know about all these places if you’re a local… but have you ever enjoyed them as the backdrop of a perfect date? You might just find the right mood will genuinely transform how you perceive the most mundane places in Wellington. And if you haven’t already found a local dating partner, we have you covered.

As you might have heard, there is a new Wellington dating site that caters exclusively to local singles. It’s an extremely practical and convenient way to meet new and like-minded people who are also looking for dating partners. You can sign up free and start composing your profile right now, and maybe tomorrow you’ll be out there enjoying some of these dating tips. Have fun meeting new people and enjoy some romance, the good old fashioned way!

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